Keeping your soother sterile


Milton are the world leaders in cold water baby sterilising products. David Gooch, a Cambridge based professional inventor had invented a unique range of sterilising products for Milton and worked with Wright Design Limited to take on the product development work. This resulted in a range of award winning products including the Milton Mini portable soother steriliser

Baby soothers are often dropped when out and about, and with parents storing soothers loose in a hand bag or changing bag, they are often dirty and unsterilised. Using a Milton sterilising tablet, the Mini kills bacteria and viruses while on the move within 15 minutes. The water tight lid and unique internal sponge stop any spills as well as helping to remove any dirt. The adjustable strap allows the parent to attach it to a pram or bag, so a sterilised soother is always to hand.

Following its launch in March, the Mini has already been given a Gold Award from Bizzie babies, with users rating it an average of 4.7/5.0 for its innovative design. The Mini is also currently shortlisted for two categories in the Practical Parenting awards.


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