Sundial Telecom halves development time using C3’s Fusion call platform


Hosted telecommunications business Sundial Telecom has slashed time to market by up to 50% and plans to take on a range of new projects as a result.

Hosted telecommunications business Sundial Telecom has slashed time to market by up to 50%, and plans to take on a range of new projects as a result.

The company, based in Cambridge, attributes this significant improvement in development time to Fusion IVR – an intuitive call handling platform from C3 that uses a drag and drop graphical interface to develop and deploy interactive voice response services.

Fusion IVR makes setting up and deploying new call services easy. The platform can be used by anyone – no specialist knowledge of programming language is required.

 Sundial Telecom owner, Shane Carter, agrees that Fusion is very simple to use, meaning that developers can be trained quickly to use the software, and the company is able to work on more “speculative” projects.

“New call services are often ‘of the moment’ so developing that service quickly is obviously extremely important to our clients,” says Shane. “In the three months we have been using Fusion, it has helped us cut development time by between 35-50%, dependent on the application, which we have been very impressed by.” 

He adds: “We expect that, as we develop our own custom features and become more accustomed with the program, that we will be able to improve on that time even further.”

Shane explains that Fusion has given his development team the confidence to part-launch new call services, because making any subsequent coding changes to the call flow is so easy. This means that Sundial Telecom’s commercial clients gain a competitive advantage by rapidly launching their products to market before potential competitors.

Sundial Telecom is using Fusion to develop a range of hosted call services for its clients.

The company has recently completed a betting tips service for Ian Bailey Racing, and is currently in the process of developing a call based marketing dialler for a UK based Property Development Company. More broadly, Shane sees “huge potential” for Fusion in developing inbound call recording services for Sundial Telecom’s corporate clients.

“We have a number of exciting projects in development and we see Fusion as essential to that process.”

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