Rare achievement by Cambridge pilots


Cambridge is a seat of learning not only in education but also in aviation. It has been since the 1930s, when Tiger Moths first operated at Cambridge and future Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster pilots were trained. The Cambridge Flying Group (CFG) is still going strong.

Cambridge Flying Group is now training pilots from all walks of life interested in flying this icon of aviation, and people in the Cambridge area will regularly look up to see the Tiger Moth’s classic yellow and silver open cockpit biplanes flying overhead all year round.  

Cambridge Flying Group is now the only place in the world where pilots who do not own their own Tiger Moth can learn to fly on them from ab initio – the flying term for absolute beginner, to Pilots Licence level.  The Group celebrates its 60th year in 2013. 

It is a rare thing nowadays to train entirely on Tiger Moths up to Pilots Licence level. Many pilots coming to the group train on other aeroplanes and “convert” to open cockpit flying.  However Cambridge residents Ed Weatherup and Andrew Wood have just completed the rare achievement, having trained from start to finish on Tiger Moths and this month achieved their Pilots licences.

Ed always wanted to fly but “wanted to learn properly in a Tiger Moth”.  Andrew had wanted to fly since the age of seven and went for a look round flying schools in the local area - and then saw the immaculate yellow Tiger Moth biplanes of the Cambridge Flying Group and “that was it”. 

Both found the hardest part was landing and being able to follow their Chief Flying Instructor’s advice of “concentrating but relaxing at the same time!”. 

The best moments have been for Ed: “flying across country on my own on a sunny days looking out at the world from the lovely silver winged biplane”. For Andrew it was meeting lots of people with a similar passion for vintage flying.

Now that they have their coveted Pilots Licences, both feel that they have achieved a great step but look forward excitedly as there is much more to learn and flying fun and adventures to be had.

If you are interested in learning to fly with the Cambridge Flying Group Tiger Moths please contact:  Howard by email on petahoward@aol.com or call in to see the group at weekends when they are flying at Cambridge Airport in Newmarket Road.



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