Lloyd’s Broker tasks Tier 2 to overhaul document systems


Tier 2 has worked alongside Lloyd's of London broker Croton Stokes and Wilson Ltd to implement its ARENA framework.

In recent years, the insurance industry has seen a number of significant changes in terms of the amount of technical information required by underwriters. Developments in web technology have allowed the industry as a whole to operate on a more professional and cost effective basis that has led to many benefits for underwriters, brokers and insurers.

The team at Tier 2 has been working closely with independent Lloyd’s Broker, Croton Stokes and Wilson Ltd.to ensure it stays competitive against some of the larger brokers, by modernising its technology and systems, maintain its strong position in the industry and to build on its reputation with both underwriters and clients.

Implementing Ties 2's ARENA framework, it created a document control system that produces any form of electronic documents including compliance information, placing slips and aggregate reports, available to underwriters within a secure, searchable, online environment.

Les Doel, Technical Manager at Croton Stokes Wilson said, “Prior to working on our new systems with Tier 2, we employed one member of staff almost exclusively to email statistical information to Underwriters, and were almost continually having to deal with requests to resend documents that had been lost, deleted in error, or uploaded and corrupted. This was a massive strain on our time and resources and, as the company grew, the problems increased.”

“With our new ARENA system, we are able to make the information available to underwriters in less than half the time and are free of requests for copies because, once loaded on to ARENA, the documents are available until we archive them. Furthermore, the security permissions that are automatically built into the system make this a safer means of dispatch which is ideal when dealing with confidential insurance information.”

Tier 2's MD Andy Kennedy comments: “While ARENA was initially developed to support pharmaceuticals document control requirements, this implementation again demonstrates its ability to provide benefit across industry sectors. Key to the success at Croton Stokes Wilson is our flexible pricing policy, meaning that advanced, distributed document control capabilities are comfortable within reach of organisation of any size.”




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