Meet the Brusheads– new toothbrush to revolutionise children’s brushing habits


PA Consulting Group has created a new concept for toothbrushes, designed to encourage children to develop positive brushing habits while making teeth-brushing a fun part of the day. According to the NHS, tooth decay is one of the most widespread health problems in the UK and around a third of children starting school and around a third of children aged 12 have visible tooth decay.

The new toothbrush, a ‘Brushead’, is a 3D-sculptured cartoon character, designed so that kids can relate to it and grow to love it. The toothbrushes are charged by USB to give flexibility on the go and contain intelligent sensors that recognise brushing patterns and give encouraging words to support better brushing.

The Brushead is linked to an app which means children can interact with each Brushead character, whether through their smartphone if they are old enough or on the web. This allows them to check out their brushing performance and compare the achievements of their character with their friends and other children. Parents can also use the app to monitor their child’s progress and keep an eye on patterns and trends.

PA Consulting Group’s Ahmad Bitar, an expert in product design, says: “Getting children to brush their teeth is a common challenge for parents everywhere and can be a stressful experience for both parent and child. Children often find brushing-time dull and mundane. The Brusheads help parents to encourage their children to brush their teeth properly, while making the experience more enjoyable.”

PA is currently in discussion with potential partners to take this product to market.


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