Support Dragonmobility and Axiom-e will support The Turbo Trust!


It may not be "Skyfall" or "The Hobbit" but this is a great little film from Dragonmobility. Any support it stimulates will generate a donation to The Turbo Trust from Axiom-e as a Christmas present.

It may not be "Skyfall" or "The Hobbit" but this is a great little film from Dragonmobility, one of our clients, and its benefits will be longer lasting.

Dragonmobility is a social enterprise and the only British manufacturer of power-chairs for really active, disabled people. So far, crowd-funding for the project has raised almost 20% of the target but it expires at the end of December. To encourage support for the balance, for every £30 donated to the whole project, Axiom-e will contribute £1 to The Turbo Trust, which helps fund power-chairs for users such as those you can read about here.

Let's help to keep Cambridge's Dragonmobility helping users from around the world. Thank you for contributing and/or passing on the link to others.

Happy Christmas to you all.

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