Anthias Consulting and Separation Sciences organise GC-MS seminar in Singapore


On 4 -5 March 2013, Anthias Consulting and Separation Sciences organise a two-day seminar on the principles of mass spectrometry when hyphenated to a gas chromatograph focussing on single and triple quadrupoles.

Anthias Consulting with its partners at Separation Sciences are undertaking a two-day seminar on the principles of mass spectrometry when hyphenated to a gas chromatograph, focusing on the two main GC-MS instruments commonly found in the laboratory today – the single quadrupole and the triple quadrupole. The seminar, sponsored by Shimadzu, is taking place on 4 -5 March 2013.

The seminar presented by Anthias Consulting Director and Senior Consultant, Diane Turner, examines the calibration, optimisation and data acquisition for qualitative and quantitative analysis in mass spectrometry along with the optimisation of the GC parameters that need to be considered when hyphenating these two techniques.

This seminar is focussed on the GC-MS laboratory analyst, researcher or technician and provides a practical overview of GC-MS with an in-depth look at single- and triple-quadrupole mass spectrometers. It provides valuable knowledge that can be applied immediately and is suitable for all participants, whether you are new to GC-MS, or you are already a user and wish to enhance your knowledge.

Ms Diane Turner MSc, MRSC said, “I look forward to meeting the participants of this seminar. The training courses providing by Anthias consulting have received outstanding reviews in both its content and presenter knowledge. This seminar will not doubt add value to any analyst’s knowledge and skill set.”

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