A city peppered with international cuisines


Delicious Magazine UK - Cambridge Food Tour January 2013

As I digest the day’s tour, I realise my initial pessimism had no grounds. This quintessential English city is peppered with international cuisines and local produce, linked by a good helping of passion and support for the community. A clone city? I beg to differ. Take a tour for yourself and you’ll understand why. And what better way to get to know a place than to eat your way around it...

I’m in Fitzbillies on Trumpington Street, where my walking tour of Cambridge begins. Thanks to its aforementioned signature buns, 90-year heritage and favourite-haunt status for students in need of a sugar fix (Stephen Fry is among its alumni), the bakery and eatery has become an institution. After a brief cake-free interlude in 2011 when recession forced Fitzbillies to close its doors, today the place is heavy with clientele.

Cambridge food tour – getting a taste for the city

It’s 10.30am on a crisp January morn and I’m salivating over a glisteningly gooey Chelsea bun. The day has started well. “These really are delicious,” says my tour guide Gerla, “but only taste a little bit – we have a lot of food to try today.” Fork hovering, I resist the temptation to devour the entire treat. Maybe just one more syrupy mouthful…
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