GeoSpock receives seed investment to commercialise social networking platform Collide


CUE Young Entrepreneur of Year, Steve Marsh, receives support from angel investors to develop Collide™, a technology platform that will breathe new life into online social networking.

GeoSpock Ltd an “ever-so-geeky” but “uber cool” technology start-up aiming to revolutionise the way friends, family, colleagues and strangers meet-up has received a seed investment of £160,000 from a group including Execute Technologies Inc., Dr Darrin M Disley, Dr Jonathan Milner, Mr Peter Keen and Mr Dan Cowell.

The funding has been secured to commercialize Collide™ a next-generation social networking platform that is the brain-child of CEO and founder Steve Marsh. A PhD candidate in Computer Science at Cambridge University researching real-time, large-scale super-computing solutions designed to model human brain functionality, Steve turned his mind in 2012 to building a platform that would bring passive social networking, professional networking and dating applications to life by facilitating real-time interaction via “user-defined” dynamic profile filtering and pin-point location mapping.

The key to solving the issue of “how do you get millions of users interacting in real time with their networks is scalability,” says Marsh, “It really is a fantastic opportunity to develop not only a cool technology solution but to build something which can improve people’s lives on a daily basis by solving real-world problems. It’s an amazing feeling.”

In addition to the investment, Steve recently received £10,000 for the CEDAR Enterprise Fellowship 2012 awarded by Anglia Ruskin University and £2,500 from Carpe Diem Trust, sponsor of the Cambridge University Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The proceeds of both awards are being used to accelerate the business activities of the company.

Dr Darrin M Disley, non-executive Chairman of GeoSpock Ltd said “I first spotted Steve whilst judging the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs business plan competition of 2012 and felt there was a touch of genius about this young working-class lad from Salford. I followed him through that competition and whilst his business plan did not meet the textbook requirements of the competition, a group of angels advising on the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award were unanimous that this was the guy we would like to back. This wish has now become a reality and we are happy to place our cash, time and experience behind such a great idea.”

The investment is being used to hire a crack back-end and front-end team to develop the core platform and release two initial applications in the social networking and dating space. 


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