Aspiration Europe sponsors GoGoGorillas in aid of Break Charity


Earnest is a very dashing gorilla, sponsored by Cambridge-based Aspiration Europe, who will be an attention-grabbing addition to the GoGoGorillas public art trail in Norwich this summer.

The event starts on 24 June and continues for 11 weeks through the summer.

AE founder, Anne Ovens explains "We were attracted to this sponsorship opportunity as we are keen to support the work of Break Charity in East Anglia. The name Earnest was chosen to reflect the company's values - in a light-hearted way".

The bespoke artwork commissioned for Earnest was designed by artist and photographer Suzi Ovens:

Earnest is clothed in a dapper pin-striped suit and incorporated within the design are engaging (recognisable) quotes for the classic literary work The Importance of Being Earnest, which is the inspiration for the overall design of this gorilla.

"We highly recommend a visit to Norwich this summer to see the 50+ painted gorillas on the gorilla trail.... and when you find Earnest, also look out for The Savoy bill in his pocket as well as a 'cheeky' nod to the film adaptation of the play, directed by Oliver Parker and starring Rupert Everett and Colin Firth," adds Anne.

"If you are interested in how a three-dimensional blank canvas (albeit a 5ft gorilla) was transformed into an artwork full of stylish character please visit the AE Journal blog post which contains several stage photos from the creation process.

"Once he was finished and spray varnished, Earnest had his professional photoshoot with Lee Blanchflower of Blanc Photography ( ) - the official photographer for the GoGoGorillas gorilla trail event.

And then there were two...

"A couple of weeks ago, we learnt that GoGoGorillas still needed sponsors for a few more gorillas - and also that a select few companies have sponsored multiple gorillas. And so the decision was made to sponsor "Gloria" GoGoGorilla as well as Earnest.

"Gloria is a beautiful gorilla with a woodland animal 'Hide and Seek' design created by local Norwich artist Helen Stokes.

"As Gloria has only recently finished being painted we have fewer photos available as yet, but a number of pictures of this adorable gorilla can be found on the Aspiration Europe facebook page:

GoGoGorillas sponsors still needed

"As we write, there are still a couple of gorillas needing sponsors - if you are interested in getting involved please visit for more information.

"Proceeds from the event - both the sponsorship of the gorillas and from an auction to sell the gorillas at the end of the gorilla trail - will help support local charity, Break's work with vulnerable children and those in care / moving on from care.

"Please visit for more information on their work."


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