GFX is first Fujifilm customer in North America to install Inca Onset S50i


Last year, GFX International added to its already robust digital imaging fleet by announcing the acquisition of an Inca Onset S50i.

A long-standing partner of Fujifilm and Inca, GFX was the first in North America to preview the new digital technology. “GFX has always been at the forefront of investing in new digital inkjet technology and were the first to see the capabilities of the Onset S50i,” said Chris Lomas vice president of sales for Fujifilm. “They knew immediately that it would give them the quality and speed they needed in their operation and were once again a first mover to invest in the new technology.”

The latest in Fujifilm and Inca‘s proven line of UV digital flatbed presses, the Onset S50i offers intelligent new design features, as well as Print Run Controller (PRC), an innovative software system to streamline scheduling and production. “With high speed printing rates making digital production more versatile, PRC allows users to schedule the print order and produce print jobs quickly and simply to prevent RIP and workflow bottle-necks, streamline production, reduce post-print collation requirements and enhance customer service,” added Lomas. “GFX was the first company in the United States to install the software and it has enabled them to deliver more competitive capacity, speed and quality benefits to their client base.”

“The brands and retailers we represent are focused on niche marketing, specifically localisation,” GFX founder and CEO, Chuck Huttinger explained. “The S50i will position us in an even stronger stance when it comes to delivering large-format variable data programmes. It’s all about customisation, versioning and speed.” With its proprietary store profiling solution, GFX Symphony and automated production workflow is already helping brands and retailers track their versioning and manage their chain complexity on the front-end, adding the latest innovation in digital inkjet technology on the backend is a powerhouse decision. “GFX is revolutionising the large-format, print-on-demand and variable data process,” Huttinger added. “We work with many high profile brands and retailers. GFX Symphony provides the upfront functionality they need to efficiently plan localised marketing strategies. The S50i, along with our focus on eliminating transactions in prepress, delivers the additional speed and capacity needed to execute these strategies. The combination is powerful.”

A veteran screen print and digital imaging house, GFX was quick to recognise and appreciate the value of the S50i. “Tighter colour consistency, quicker colour adjustments and increased visual resolution are very relevant technical benefits, but beyond those we are interested in increasing our overall production capacity,” noted GFX COO, Mark Taylor. GFX’s newest investment will substantially increase the firm’s digital production. “The S50i makes our state-of-the-art facility stronger, faster and more sophisticated,” Taylor summarises.


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