Cambridge technology, TWI and the Bloodhound SSC project event


TWI has been invited to participate in Cambridge Network's event next week (Thursday November 7th) that will focus on the Bloodhound SSC (SuperSonic Car) project.

The Bloodhound project demonstrates the best of the UK’s engineering prowess, and the event will highlight those Cambridge high-tech companies contributing to the adventure.

The Bloodhound SSC aims to smash the current land speed record by attempting speeds of around 1000mph, pushing boundaries in aeronautical engineering and boosting engineering education at the same time.  The project's mission is to confront the impossible and to inspire and challenge the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians along the way.

TWI worked with the Bloodhound SSC design team to provide expertise in adhesive bonding. Its role was to identify and test the perfect materials joining technique for the lower chassis structure of the car designed to set the new 1000 mph World Land Speed Record.

Read more information and reserve your place to join TWI on 7 November at Robinson College.

For more information about the TWI’s part in the project, please contact Paul Burling or Ewen Kellar

For further information about the projects visit Bloodhound SSC World Land Speed Record attempt and educational programme.


To read more information, click here.

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