LKAB implements CRedit360 to support green mining


LKAB (Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB), the Swedish state-owned mining enterprise, has selected the CRedit360 sustainability data management system to monitor a wide range of environmental indicators.

LKAB has introduced ‘green pellets’ of iron ore for steelmaking, which reduce their overall production emissions by 30% while improving the performance of their customers’ steelworks.  The company is also a member of the ULCOS (Ultra Low CO2 Steelmaking) research project, along with CRedit360 client ArcelorMittal.

The mining enterprise will use the CRedit360 system to monitor data for 800 sustainability indicators across up to 600 reporting locations -- from large primary refining facilities to the mining community of Kiruna, where there are water and air quality sensors, to data points in the snowy Lapland wilderness.

The CRedit360 system will form the central hub for all sustainability data, drawing on multiple sources within the business to provide not only accurate carbon footprint figures, but also sample data from the wide range of sampling points actively monitored by LKAB and its contractors. The data will be used to support mandatory reporting to the Swedish government, which incorporates environmental and social indicators in its reporting framework.  As LKAB is a Swedish state-owned business, they must also demonstrate that sustainability is integrated into their business model.  CRedit360 was selected for the strength, flexibility, and reliability of their product, the breadth of their offerings, and the ease of use of their system.

LKAB is an international high-tech mineral group and a world leader in iron ore products for steelmaking. They are also a growing supplier of mineral products to other industries. LKAB’s mission is to manufacture and deliver upgraded iron ore products and services for iron making that create added value.  Their mineral company processes minerals and creates new business opportunities by supplying mineral products that are customized for industry, often with environmental advantages.



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