CambridgePPF welcomes launch of Cambridge Ahead


Cambridge Past, Present & Future (CambridgePPF) has welcomed the creation of Cambridge Ahead – the new business and academic member group dedicated to the successful, long-term growth of Cambridge and its region. Cambridge Ahead, which launched on 15 November, found its origins in the 2030 Vision project – a two-year initiative that CambridgePPF helped to coordinate.

Two of CambridgePPF's trustees – Matthew Bullock and Peter Landshoff – are members of the Cambridge Ahead board and are helping to put together its initial projects. Matthew Bullock is a member of the project group looking to ‘Clarify The Growth Agenda’ and Peter Landshoff is involved in the body’s work to ‘Improve the Quality of Life’ in the city.

Peter Landshoff, Professor Emeritus at Cambridge University and head of CambridgePPF’s planning committee, said: “Cambridge and the surrounding area has always been a great place to live. But what will it be like in 20 years? The city is facing a period of huge change. The local population is growing and getting older. There is an urgent need for more housing. Resources are under pressure. And transport networks are becoming increasingly congested.

"The 2030 Vision workshops offered key decision makers the chance to come together and debate these questions. One of our main conclusions was that different groups from unconnected sectors must work more closely together to build on Cambridge’s success and promote what the city has to offer more effectively. Cambridge Ahead has been established to do just that and Matthew and I are delighted to be a part of its efforts."

CambridgePPF works hard to keep Cambridge and the surrounding area special for local people, enhancing green spaces, managing historic properties, delivering environmental education and commenting on major local planning applications. The 2030 Vision project, which is referenced on the Cambridge Ahead website, was instigated and managed by Peter Carolin and Peter Landshoff, both retired professors from Cambridge University. The report and a video that arose from the 2030 Vision programme can be found at:

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