BBC Radio 4 highlights community conservation


Dr Chris Sandbrook, Lecturer in Conservation Leadership at UNEP-WCMC, joined the well-known television and radio presenter Monty Don on the BBC Radio 4 series Shared Planet to share his expert knowledge on community conservation.

The programme explored the influence a local community can have in protecting a species for the benefit of the global community and Dr Sandbrook explained what factors determine the success of a community conservation project.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to conservation efforts and community conservation was developed to address the imbalance between benefits to local people and the global picture. Shared Planet discussed if the rights of local people should ever be overridden for the greater good. Using examples from across the world, the influence local people can have on biodiversity was highlighted but Dr Sandbrook also revealed that there can be a trade-off between what is desirable on a global scale and potentially detrimental to the local community.

Find out what these trade-offs are and which factors lead to successful community conservation by listening to ‘Shared Planet – Community Protection’ anytime, anywhere in the world, via the BBC website or BBC iPlayer. Visit the BBC Radio 4 website for more information about Shared Planet.


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