Tier 2 Consulting helps MagazineCloner.com to manage publisher contracts


Hertfordshire based Tier 2 Consulting has built a secure, web-based document management system for one the UK’s most dynamic app building companies to protect their rights management IP and facilitate the growth of their rapidly expanding client base of leading publishers.

MagazineCloner.com is a new company helping publishing companies create digital editions of their publications for download across multiple platforms and access on tablets, smartphones and PCs. 

Rapid growth and a problematic reliance on traditional paper-based contract issue processes were the twin catalysts for finding new ways of generating and automating contract class documentation, administrating version controls with audit trails and storing all documents in a secure web-based repository where access rights can be assigned and monitored.

Based on JBoss middleware, and the Exari document assembly engine, Tier 2 have developed the rules, templates, contract variants and authorship hierarchies to allow the commercial and legal teams to create, manage, store and retrieve electronic versions of all contracts with over 500 publishers using their App Builder interface.

Reviewing the systems functionality, Finance Director and Co-founder Vince Nicholls  is also impressed with the commercial benefits being delivered.

“On ‘acceptance’ or ‘completion’ confirmations, automatic emails with the agreed pdf contracts are simultaneously emailed to Accounts, Admin and Production. This ensures that Accounts review and send out any set up fee invoices promptly and that Production are aware of the new client and schedule in the production process. And of course the management team are aware of new clients as they come on board.

"In addition, the new system is fully searchable so that we can raise reports filtering the various data from the ‘interview style’ answers provided at the outset of the contract assembly,  providing vital management information as required.

"The system can also be searched to identify contracts reaching their renewal dates so that we can take proactive action and protect vital reoccurring revenues. From an ROI perspective the benefits are obvious.

"The UK sales team is adding up to 10 new clients a week to the client roster and now, as a result of Tier 2 Consulting’s document management expertise, contracts are being created and finalised in a fraction of the time, with end-to-end version control and without the fear of losing vital paperwork.

"The platform will be expanded over the coming months to allow global agents access to the system. We are expanding into the US, Canadian and Australian markets where publishers are eager to extend the reach of their titles and offer content in multiple formats to match the variable preferences of all demographic audiences.

"We are delighted with the work done by Tier 2 and the Exari consultants who have worked closely with us to ensure our growth plans have been factored in from the outset.”

About Tier 2 Consulting

Tier 2 Consulting are experts in creating enterprise-class middleware solutions using java based products such as Exari and are one of only a handful of Advanced Red Hat JBoss Middleware Partners in the UK, reflecting their professionally accredited technical skills and a strong track record of delivery.

They work across many sectors, but in particular the closely regulated worlds of finance and pharmaceuticals, developing advanced web based applications that deliver real world commercial benefits for clients looking to improve business processes and customer experiences through advance middleware applications.

For more information on Tier 2 Consulting please contact Andy Kennedy via www.tier2consulting.com

About MagazineCloner.com

Since launching in March 2010 MagazineCloner has rapidly become the largest magazine app provider in the world thanks to its comprehensive multi-platform offering, commitment to customer service, speed of delivery and straight-forward business model with no hidden costs.

By uploading once to the MagazineCloner back office a publisher’s content can be delivered to Apple Newsstand, Google Play, Kindle Fire, Windows8, and Blackberry Playbook  via branded apps, as well as additional distribution on PC, Mac, and all the above platforms via the Pocketmags newsstand.

Each publisher receives a login to a secure back office which allows them to upload, enhance and create digital editions, monitor sales in real time and create and track promotional campaigns.

For more information visit www.magazinecloner.com


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