'Mobile healthcare: opportunities, challenges and prospects'


The issues surrounding mobile healthcare are the subject of a talk by Professor C R Lowe, of the Institute of Biotechnology, Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology at Cambridge University, to the East Anglian branch of the Institute of Physics next Wednesday, March 5th.

This talk will discuss the motivation behind the global interest in introducing mobile healthcare systems, including the myriad constraints felt by healthcare systems in both developed and developing nations, high population growth, disease prevalence and the rapid rise in mobile phone penetration in developing nations.

The concept of lifetime diagnostic and disease management, the types of physiological and biochemical parameters to be measured and the challenges in making discrete and real-time measurements on patients using non-invasive, minimally invasive and invasive sensor technologies will be covered. Examples will be given from sensor technology being developed in the speaker’s laboratory in Cambridge.

The event takes place from 7pm at TWI, Granta Park, CB21 6AL.

Parking is available on site.

More information: www.iop.org/activity/branches/east/eanglia



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