Anthias director finds a lot of wheat and not much chaff at Chromatographic Symposium


The "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff" one-day symposium focusing on Advances in Natural Product Analysis took place on 9th April at Syngenta's world famous Jealott's Hill Research Laboratories. Organised by the Chromatographic Society, the event was fully booked with many leading and well-known faces in attendance.

Anthias Director Diane Turner says: "Three of the presentations were given by different groups at Syngenta, with other interesting and informative talks by Professor Pat Sandra from the RIC, Dr Paul Russell from Unilever, Robin Clery from Givaudan and Dr Geoffrey Kite from Jodrell Laboratory.

"The symposium also included an exhibition by a range of instrument and consumables manufacturers, with short application-focused presentations given relating to the theme of the symposium.   truly well-worth day out with lots of interesting presentations."


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