Cordic launches Smart Booker 2 for iPhone and Android


Cordic, the leading software supplier of data despatch solutions to taxi and private hire fleets, has today launched its new and improved iPhone and Android application: Smart Booker 2.

The application has been designed to allow passengers of private hire and taxi companies to book and track a taxi or private hire vehicle using their iPhone or Android device. The new app allows users to book a cab with just three taps of their device; they can easily drag the map to their desired pickup location or use the address search to enter their pickup details. Users can add multiple pick-ups using the “Vias” feature, which allows them to add address details of their friends, family or colleagues who need to be picked up en-route.

Depending on the taxi or private hire company’s preference, users can see all free vehicles and soon to clear vehicles on a map along with an availability ETA prior to making a booking so they know how long to wait for a vehicle.

Cordic has developed some intuitive safety features to ensure customers get into the right vehicle and can let others know where they are and when to expect to arrive at their desired destination. Details of the driver, their photo and badge number are displayed, along with details of the vehicle: colour, make, model and registration, which are also sent via a separate text message to the customer. Users can track their booked vehicle on a map and can contact the driver directly by calling or sending a message via the app.

The customer can choose a “Buddy*” from their list of phone contacts; their Buddy will automatically be sent a text message which includes a tracking link so they can follow their friend, colleague or child on a tracking map whilst in the booked vehicle. If a customer hasn’t selected a “Buddy” but wants to send details of where they are to a friend whilst in the vehicle, perhaps to let them know they are running late, they can click on the “Track Me” button and they can send their GPS position and tracking map to a friend, colleague or parent.

The app also includes a “Book Return” feature which allows the customer to easily book a return journey at the tap of a button.

Danielle Kinsella, Marketing Manager at Cordic, comments: “When we launched our first Smart Booker app back in 2010, it was the first booking app available for taxi and private hire companies. We’ve seen tremendous success since then with over 200 apps sold and being used across the UK. On average we are seeing half a million bookings being made via apps each day.”

“We expect the new app and features to attract even greater success. We’ve listened to feedback from customers, reviewed the market and considered the future. We believe this is the best taxi and private hire booking app available in the market.”

The app is completely customisable and bookings are entered automatically into the taxi or private hire firm’s Cordic cPAQ data despatch system. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices and is available for Cordic customers to purchase from today.

To see a demo of Smart Booker 2 please visit: or search for “Cordic Cars” in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

*The Buddy feature will be available in Cordic cPAQ Version 1.17 due for release Q3 2014.



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