Ubisense real-time location system tracks buses in Luzern, Switzerland


Ubisense announces the completion of the system installation at the Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern (vbl) Bus Depot in Switzerland. The Ubisense RTLS has been installed in conjunction with the web based swissaxis AG BeDips® Depot Management system.

The real-time bus location system uses the Ubisense RTLS to achieve operational efficiency for dispatching vbl’s fleet of more than 150 buses. The system is deployed internally across a 12 000 sqm garage, and externally across outdoor areas.

The Ubisense sensor network, with its sub-metre accuracy, provides location information, allowing buses to be located in their correct lanes and parking spaces, both indoors and outside. The sensor network also alerts the BeDips® Depot Management system to buses arriving and leaving the bus-depot.

The solution forms the central part of a scheduling application for workflow optimisation. Management of the workflow of buses within the depot is critical to ensuring efficient scheduling, timely cleaning, maintenance and reliable dispatch.

A real-time location, ultra-wideband radio system transmitter, known as an Ubisense Tag is attached to each bus. The tag emits small signals which are picked up by the network of Ubisense sensors located around the depot. The real-time location information is displayed within the yard management solution online-interface, enabling the dispatchers to schedule and process manage the depot efficiently.

The system has led to a faster, more efficient maintenance, cleaning and dispatch process. The swissaxis AG BeDips® Depot management system, in conjunction with the Ubisense RTLS system has provided the perfect solution for the mid-size bus depot at vbl.

“We are delighted to have worked with Ubisense on the project at Luzern.” said Mr. Altorfer, Managing Director of swissaxis. “The combination of AG BeDips® Depot and Ubisense RTLS has created an efficient, cost effective, robust system for the vbl bus depot, which has completely answered the client’s original brief.”

BeDips® utilises Ubisense-RTLS in order to provide the first completely web based Depot Management system which can fulfill the daily requirements of bus depots such as vbl.

Mr. Zumsteg of vbl commented “The solution implemented by swissaxis AG and Ubisense has provided us with an easy-to-use management system, which enables us to have complete 24/7 visibility of the buses independently from the location within the internal and external areas of the depot, and make significant efficiency improvements “


About Ubisense

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