PA Consulting will give two talks at Broadband Global Summit, Dubai


PA Consulting Group will contribute two talks to Informa's Broadband Global Summit in Dubai next week (8 to 10 March 2010).

Alan Carr, Consultant in Wireless Technology, will consider LTE Deployment Scenarios in The Gulf - what type of spectrum and deployment to use, what to use it for, with what type of tariff structure, and when to deploy it, and how LTE will disrupt the market. 8 March, 16.30 hrs.

Phil Irvine, Consultant in Communications, Media and Entertainment will consider If there's a case for competitive Broadband Access? - what services customers want, whether operators can provide them, which technology options are reality and which are hype, how technologies compare, convergence, how can the regulator help a new entrant, deployment challenges (joint with Sturt Eastwood, Director of Fixed Line Business, Vodafone Qatar). 10 March, 11.40 hours.


For more information contact:
Alan Carr DL +44 (0)1763 267866
Phil Irvine DL +44 (0)207 312 4946
Beverley Adams (Marketing DL +44 (0)1763 285260

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