Staff improve mental capacity at lunch time


Increasing numbers of Granta Park staff have been improving their brain capacity and general feeling of well being through activities such as running and singing.

With experts proving that singing can lower heart rate, decrease blood pressure, reduced stress, improve posture and encourage team building the Granta Park choir has been meeting weekly since the Autumn of 2009 to sing everything from carols at Christmas to rounds and also more serious pieces under the guidance of a choir professional.

Says choir member Roz Bird: “The aim of the Granta Park choir is to sing for fun. We encourage everyone to join; no special singing ability is required and, it is virtually impossible to sing and think about other things at the same time so you can’t think about work and therefore benefit from a proper break at lunch time once a week.”

The beautiful Granta Park surroundings and gym offer opportunities to get fit during the day and, while the health benefits of a regular run have long been known, Cambridge scientists now believe running and other aerobic exercise can lead to the growth of hundreds of thousands of new brain cells in the part of the brain that affects memory, learning and other cognitive tasks and can potentially slow down the deterioration of mental ability that happens with old age. So the 2,000 people working at Granta Park are being encouraged to join the gym and benefit from a number of new running machines which arrived last week and to track their progress throughout the year using the members’ tally chart.


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