CETC Event: Emerging technologies


The focus for Cambridge Europe and Technology Club's annual 'emerging technologies' session is around life sciences and particularly vaccines, featuring two speakers who are respected academics and serial entrepreneurs.

Both are founders of exciting new companies.

The event takes place on Thursday, 27th May 2004 at TWI Conference Centre, Granta Park, Abington. Finger buffet from 6:00pm. Seminar starts at 6:30pm.

Dr Bruce Roser has spent 30 years in medical research and has founded several healthcare companies including Quadrant, Eastbridge and Cambridge Biostability. He has published over 100 papers and 25 patents.

The present technology of Cambridge Biostability was developed in response to an approach from the World Health Organisation. It includes a series of cheap disposable plastic injectors, which enable vaccinations to be done safely by untrained personnel.

These injectors can be loaded with completely stable liquid formulations that never need refrigeration, but which are immediately injectable without preparation.

The technology was developed using only already approved components. These liquids consist of a dispersion of solid microspheres of glass-stabilised vaccines in anhydrous perfluorocarbon liquids. The latter are totally inert and biocompatible and, by precise density matching, the particles have neutral buoyancy and never settle or float, so that the suspension is physically stable and does not even need shaking before injection.

This technology has been validated with commercial vaccines and is endorsed by the Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) and by Program of Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) funded by the Gates foundation. The company hopes to launch its first stable liquid vaccine within the next two years.

The second speaker will be from Arrow Therapeutics. Arrow was founded in August 1998 by an experienced team of scientists with backgrounds in the UK pharmaceutical industry and strong links to the worldwide experts in bacteriology and virology.

The Company is focused on the structure-based discovery of novel, patented candidates ready for clinical development by the multi-national companies who are expert in these later stages of development.

Arrow's focus is on the anti-bacterial and anti-viral markets, each of which is characterised by significant unmet medical needs. One of Arrow's current alliances is with a local Cambridge-based partner, Acambis plc.

The companies have announced a collaboration on the discovery of attenuated or sub-unit vaccines. This involves Arrow's proprietary target discovery technology, Transposon Mediated Differential Hybridisation (TDMH), which was recently granted a patent. TDMH will be used to identify attenuating genes and surface proteins for potential vaccine candidates.

Cost: Free to CETC members, 10 to non-members. Booking (with payment if a non-member) is essential. To book, send your name, company name, telephone number and e-mail address to honsec@cetc.info.

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