Monetical Consulting Agreement aligned with Alfresco One License model


The Monetical Annual Consulting Contract provides access to reserved technical staff throughout the life of an operation, as and when they're needed.


Consulting Contracts

Monetical Annual Consulting Contracts spell out clearly how it collaborates with its Customers to ensure ECM operational success by providing access to reserved technical staff throughout the life of operation as and when they're needed. Monetical clear professional services pricing structure aligns with the latest Alfresco One license model, providing an efficient way to calculate the total cost of ownership over a 1 to 3 year period.

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Contract Benefits

"Our uncomplicated and transparent approach to the pricing of our professional services, demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional value for money. The inclusion of access to Monetical Collaborator, our proprietary ECM project knowledge ecosystem, as part of any Annual Consulting Contract grants access to Agile processes, tools and knowledge leveraged from previous implementation experience, ensuring total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum and risk low." John E Abram, Managing Partner explains.

About Monetical

Monetical is an Alfresco Gold Partner developing a range of Alfresco focused solutions for the Hi-tech Manufacturing and Financial Service sectors. Monetical continues to gain a competitive advantage from its complete transparent approach to how it collaborates with its Customers on the definition, development and maintenance of their ECM solutions. Discover more at


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Monetical leverages decades of Agile consulting experience to create the world’s first and largest source of structured Agile knowledge provided on one of the world’s most trusted cloud computing services. Placing the Monetical Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) in the hands of your Agile transformation team empowers them with knowledge from Agile transformations that have already happened at the National Health Service, recognised FTSE and international organisations.

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