Cambridge Cleantech members clinch 25% of RBS Innovation Gateway competition finalists


Six Cambridge Cleantech companies have been selected to advance to the finals for the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Innovation Gateway. The six companies - Limetools, Solar Cloth Company, Reduse, Alquist, Chalmor and Propelair - are among the 25 companies to have made the selection grade for the finals.


RBS are looking to improve the environmental credentials of their buildings from HQ offices to the complete banking branch network. In particular they are seeking novel and innovative cleantech building solutions.

The RBS Innovation Gateway offers the finalist companies the chance to access practical expertise, an introduction to the RBS Property Team and the chance to claim a £3,000 grant to help develop and take their innovation to market. The Innovation Gateway is open to companies tackling issues around reducing energy, waste or water consumption in buildings.

Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge Cleantech says: “We are delighted that 25% of the finalists for this prestigious competition to supply RBS with the latest technologies are Cambridge Cleantech members. It demonstrates the depth of quality of the companies within our membership and also underlines how we support our members by making them aware of such opportunities through our ‘Contract Alerts’ service in the first place”

The idea submitted by LiME TOOLS is to revolutionise the speed and cost of corporate learning about Sustainability and Green Business Growth, by using online and on demand tools that will encourage major behavioural change in the corporate world and in their supply chains.

Paul Ormerod, Co-Founder and Sales and Research Director at LiME TOOLS said: “We are very excited to be participating in the RBS Innovation Gateway and to be able to develop and test our online learning toolkit, which will help RBS managers and employees to embrace smart sustainability knowledge transfer across the company. Behaviour change is at the centre of implementing enhanced sustainability in any company and our product Buildings@Work will help get everyone at RBS embracing the RBS goals targeting delivery of further substantial efficiencies to reduce energy, waste and water costs across the built estate”.

The RBS Innovation Gateway finalists have innovations for reducing energy, waste or water consumption in buildings.

The winners for the Innovation Gateway will be announced on 10 November, 2014.


  • Cambridge Cleantech is the members organisation supporting the growth of environmental goods and services or “cleantech” companies in Greater Cambridge and across the region.
  • Our ambitious plans are to further develop Cambridge as a leading cleantech centre in Europe and in doing so help promote the next wave of the Cambridge hi-tech cluster. Cambridge Cleantech encourages supply chain opportunities for companies in the sector, enables shared experience of innovative growth businesses and provides collective services such as access to finance, government regulatory updates and links to international partners.


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Cambridge Cleantech is the members’ organisation supporting the growth of environmental goods and services or “cleantech” companies in Greater Cambridge and beyond.

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