Mindful travel


How can focusing on your journey make it less stressful? As part of their low tech travel accessories series, Airport Lynx sought to find out.


It’s late, you’re tired and you’ve been travelling for hours.

All you can think of is your nice warm bed, or a relaxing pool, or anywhere but this hot stuffy airport or tight seat.

Why should you waste another thought on this journey?

Because it might make you feel happier!

According to research, the regular practice of mindfulness corresponded to a decrease in stress, anxiety and depression. This is an ideal portable technique that would soothe and calm the weariest of passengers!

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness describes a meditation practice of focusing on the moment; by giving our surroundings and experience our full attention, we can allow ourselves to respond to stress in new ways. This is based on ancient Buddhist principals and is now recognised as a clinically relevant technique, as effective as taking anti-depressants for some patients and supported by the NHS.

How can you take it on the road?

Mindfulness requires no special equipment and so can be practiced anywhere. It can be combined with a physical yoga practice, or as a standalone technique. Try it in the queue for passport control, on your seat on the airplane or standing at the luggage carousel. As this blogger has discovered, even if you’re the only person in the airport doing it, you will still feel the benefit.

What if you need more help?

There is online tuition available in mindfulness. These have been found to be a very effective way to master this practice. Many face-to-face classes are also available, and vary in length, from the short drop in sessions at Camyoga to longer courses.

However you practice mindfulness, this antidote to our fast paced, multi-screen, low attention span lifestyles could help reduce the stresses of travelling.

Of course, when you arrive back in the UK we’ll be waiting to collect you to bring you home in the relaxing sanctuary of your own luxury Airport Lynx vehicle. For the perfect beginning and end to your travels, book your journey here.

Photo Credit: Andrei Dimofte

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