Ubisense to Host Webinar on Visibility in Manufacturing on October 23


Ubisense, the leader in location intelligence, announced today it will host a webinar on October 23: Visibility in Manufacturing: Discover the Path to Industry 4.0.


Industry 4.0, known as the next Industrial Revolution, involves integrating data from many kinds of sensors to gain the necessary visibility to predict issues and self-diagnose as problems occur. Yet as the Ubisense 2014 Smart Manufacturing Technologies Survey found, 40 percent of manufacturers have no visibility into the real-time status of their manufacturing processes, one of many survey findings that indicate most manufacturers are decades away from mass adoption of Industry 4.0.

To help manufacturers achieve greater visibility throughout the production process in the nearer term, this webinar will explore how the manufacturing plant is evolving from recording the past to controlling the present to predicting the future. Attendees will learn:

  • Where your company ranks among the four Industrial Revolutions
  • How to get to the next stage
  • How increased visibility can have a positive and resounding impact throughout the manufacturing process
  • What it takes to embrace Industry 4.0

To register for this free webinar, select the preferred time based on location.

Americas: 10 a.m. EDT: http://bit.ly/1pCHQO2

Europe: 10 a.m. BST: http://bit.ly/1u6ncfz

Ubisense Smart Factory provides an unprecedented level of real-time process visibility and context-sensitive controls in assembly operations. Using location sensors as the binding context for multiple sources of information, Ubisense Smart Factory presents users with simple, actionable data and automated alerts to keep operations running as planned and manual processes free of errors. As a result, manufacturers can achieve measurable cost reduction, quality improvement, and process reliability while maximizing flexibility. For more information about Ubisense Smart Factory, visit: http://ubisense.net/en/manufacturing/.

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