Abcodia's Dr Julie Barnes ranked among the UK's top 50 inspirational women in biobusiness


Abcodia's CEO Dr Julie Barnes is ranked among the UK's top inspirational women listed in the 50 Movers and Shakers in the BioBusiness 2014.


The study, published by BioBeat, identifies the women who are "challenging the status quo and bringing better health to people around the world."

The report was coordinated by Miranda Weston-Smith of MWS Consulting, who said that as the global biobusiness sector undergoes rapid transformation, there are growing opportunities to tap into female talent and bring more success for men and women working together.

She said: "Increasing the visibility of inspirational women in companies, research, hospitals, finance and advisory roles with their visions and boldness brings fresh thinking and opportunities for bio entrepreneurs. "Research suggests that women adopt different strategies for business growth from novel ways of building companies and working in teams to raising funds and attitudes to risk."

Dr Barnes, a co-founder of Abcodia, said she was delighted to be included in the top 50.

"Leading a company like Abcodia from its start-up to a stage close to being able to launch a product for cancer screening, has been incredibly exciting and rewarding. In just over three and a half years since Abcodia was formed, we have established many international collaborations to advance tests for the early detection of lung, pancreatic, colorectal and breast cancer. We have also formed an alliance with Cancer Research UK to discover new early detection biomarkers for cancer and look forward to launching ROCA next year, a well validated test for ovarian cancer screening, which we aim to make available to women as soon as we can."

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Abcodia is a specialist company engaged in developing biomarkers for the early detection of cancer. Our mission is to help every individual lead a longer healthier life.

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