Off-road vehicle manufacturer contracts Ubisense to drive productivity


Ubisense Group plc, a leader in real-time location intelligence systems, has been awarded a six-figure contract by one of the world’s biggest off-road vehicle manufacturers, to use Ubisense’s Smart Factory technology at one of their plants in the US.


The Ubisense system will be deployed over the remainder of 2014 at one of the company’s major US heavy-duty vehicle assembly plants to improve end-of-line process efficiency. It will assist workers to test, inspect, and, if necessary, carry out any remedial work before delivery. By augmenting these processes, which are currently managed manually, Smart Factory will save time typically spent locating vehicles, thereby removing bottlenecks and accelerating processing to improve throughput and productivity.
Richard Green, Ubisense Chief Executive Officer, said: “Ubisense continues its growth of Smart Factory with this major deployment by a company widely admired worldwide for its commitment to safety, integrity, quality and innovation. As more companies deploy Ubisense solutions, our global footprint continues to expand and in turn we continue to discover new best practices in next generation manufacturing, bringing even greater benefits to our customers.”
Ubisense Smart Factory provides an unprecedented level of real-time process visibility and context-sensitive controls in assembly operations. Using location sensors that link multiple information sources, it presents users with simple, actionable data and automated alerts to keep operations running as planned and manual processes free of errors. This enables manufacturers to make measurable cost reductions, quality improvements and improve process reliability while maximising flexibility.
About Ubisense
Ubisense (AIM: UBI) is a market leader in real time location intelligence solutions that enable companies to optimise their business processes. By keeping track of key assets, Ubisense solutions bring clarity to complex operations while also improving quality and reliability. Ubisense solutions are used by a number of blue chip customers across the world, such as AGCO, Airbus, Aston Martin, BMW, Cablevision, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Duke Energy, MINI and VW.
Ubisense is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with offices in the USA; Canada; France; Germany; Japan; Korea; Philippines and Singapore. For more information visit:
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