Bridging the knowledge transfer divide: fill out a quick survey to help Cambridge Enterprise


The difficulty in translating university research into the commercial realm is a well-documented problem. The reason is often that industry and academia are driven by different motivations related to their fundamentally distinct core.


Cambridge Enterprise's Bridging the Knowledge Transfer Divide project aims to develop understanding of the differing perspectives and drivers when entering into an academic-business partnership, and to suggest approaches that will contribute to a more effective and efficient knowledge exchange.

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Please take the time to complete this short survey to capture your experience of academic business research collaborations. 
The answers to the questions on page two will inform this project and contribute to a short animation to communicate the differing perspectives in physical science collaborations and suggest approaches that will contribute to a more effective and efficient knowledge exchange.
You are invited to join Cambridge Enterprise at the Hauser Forum on Tuesday 6 November for a workshop to discuss business/academic collaboration in the physical sciences and technology

In this workshop you will work with business, academic and research operations office representatives to generate best practice guidelines based on case studies generated from interview and survey results.

Event details
Thursday 6 November
Venue: The Entrepreneurship Centre, Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge CB3 0GT

Please contact Laura Roberts on for more information and to reserve your place.



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