How to drive in bad weather: 10 tips from the Airport Lynx chauffeurs


Airport Lynx employs highly skilled drivers, who are experts at dealing with all road conditions. For the less experienced road user, ice and snow present a real hazard and the situation could turn sour quickly.


Airport Lynx writes:

We’re going to share with you ten easy tips to keep in mind when driving in bad weather. They might be the difference between being stranded in freezing temperatures and tucked up at home with a steaming drink after safely arriving at your destination this winter.

  1. Preparation is key
    When making any journey, it’s essential to make sure that you are prepared for any and all weathers and eventualities.
    1. Wear suitable clothing and take a bag of warmer items such as a jumper, hat, gloves and blankets.
    2. Keep a small stash of non-perishable snacks and water handy in-case you’re stuck without help for a while.
    3. Ensure your fuel is suitably topped up – this is even more important in colder weather
    4. Pack a torch, ice-scraper and jump-leads
    5. Have your mobile phone fully-charged and should you find yourself in difficulty, conserve as much battery power as possible. Ensure that you have the numbers of roadside assistance companies programed into your phone.
    6. Plan any long journeys in advance, taking note of weather changes and forecasts.

  2. Inspect your vehicle
    Our professional chauffeurs at Airport Lynx are required to inspect all elements of their vehicle, before setting out on the road. All important items are checked including fluid levels, tyres, windscreen wipers and lights to ensure that they’re all in excellent condition. Safety is paramount to us. It’s a habit that all drivers should get into before embarking on any kind of journey. Make sure your tyres are in good condition, especially during the winter months as your tyre tread is very important when driving in the snow.

  3. In Snow, Maintain Momentum
    The Institute of Advanced Motorists recommends that when driving in snow, you must get your speed right. Your speed needs to be the right balance between not too slow and not too fast in order to keep your momentum going, without risking the loss of your vehicle’s control.

  4. Keep Your Distance
    Keeping your distance from cars in front of you is also vital. Two to three car spaces between you and the vehicle you’re following, provides a good breaking distance should you have to stop suddenly.

  5. Be On the Look-Out for Black Ice
    Black ice is incredibly dangerous and misleading. Formed when temperatures are near freezing, it looks wet on the road but is actually a thin sheet of ice. Signs that conditions are ripe for black ice include build-ups of frost in your windscreen corners and mirrors. Another indication is when the vehicles in front no longer throw spray from the tires.

  6. Use Your Lights Appropriately
    It’s also a good idea to use fog lights or dipped head-lights in falling snow, in order to make you more visible to other drivers and pedestrians. However make sure these are turned off should the weather clear.

  7. Take Note and Follow All Road Signs
    This one might seem obvious but it’s one that many drivers forget in difficult driving conditions. These signs are there for a reason and many authorities will add extra signs and instructions when roads are particularly bad so follow them strictly to avoid danger.

  8. Stay in One Lane
    Where possible, attempt to drive in the same lane. Frequently changing lanes and zigzagging your way between cars, increases the chances of skidding on ice and puts both you and other drivers in danger.

  9. Use Both Hands and Both Eyes
    In harsh driving conditions you simply can’t afford to be distracted. Silence any mobile phones, refrain from having any music on and keep both of your hands on the steering wheel, with your eyes focusing ahead.

  10. Don’t Drive At All
    If the weather is really bad, it’s actually much safer if you leave the car at home. If you’re able to, stay at home but if you really need to get somewhere, give Airport Lynx a call and have one of our safe and professionally trained drivers chauffeur you to your destination in warmth, comfort and luxury.
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