The Turbo Trust gets a Northern boost


For many years Axiom-e has supported The TurboTrust, a Cambridge-based charity working to support disabled people throughout the UK get on the move with specialist mobility equipment: "We were therefore delighted last week when The Turbo Trust announced that Katie Cutler, who set up the remarkably successful fund for mugging victim Alan Barnes, will be helping them achieve their next goal, as they seek to raise £135,000 to set a further eight lives in motion."


The Turbo Trust, a Cambridge-based charity, dedicated to getting severely disabled people throughout the UK on the move with specialist mobility equipment, is delighted to announce that Katie Cutler, who set up the remarkably successful fund for mugging victim Alan Barnes, will be helping them achieve their next goal.

Lou Everard, a Trustee of the charity, explained on 13th February 2015 to guests at Alan's  cheque presentation ball, co-sponsored by venue Newcastle Assembly Rooms and The Turbo Trust, how powerchairs such as the highly versatile Dragon and SnapDragon can transform lives.

“Since 2007 we have helped 38 individuals realise their dreams by enabling them to enjoy the sort of mobility only possible with a chair designed around their own unique needs.  People such as dog trainer Philippa, early years teacher Sarah and little George, aged 2, who have all been empowered to live their lives as they want to in much greater freedom.

‘Getting disabled children into the right powerchair to give three dimensional movement when they are still very young is one of our most important aims, as they get a chance to develop independence early, achieve much more, and never get into the mindset that they can’t do what other children take for granted.  Right now, we have applications from  8 youngsters needing funds to get a chair customised for them, such as 11-year old Leroy of Gateshead and Laya, aged 4, who has the severest form of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA Type 1). We need to raise another £135,000 to be able to give them all the grants that they need. It is truly wonderful that Katie is going to be backing that effort.”

Katie was inspired to help The Turbo Trust by Kacie Martin, a two-year-old from Wallsend with SMA and virtually no mobility, who is desperate to get a SnapDragon chair for her third birthday. When Katie met Kacie in hospital, she became determined to help her get the new lease of life she so urgently needs, and set up a campaign for her, to bring as many people as possible on board with the idea. At the event it was announced that the target for Kacie had been reached thanks to contributions from almost 2,100 people.

To make it possible for The Turbo Trust to help others like Kacie raise the funds they need, please visit

To find out more about how you can help, please contact Lou Everard of The Turbo Trust, 07966 435551 or email



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