Pupils think of an active future


A new exhibition on how kids will stay healthy in the future will be unveiled at Addenbrooke’s Hospital next Wednesday (18 March).


The striking exhibition showcases the art of pupils from St Philips C of E Primary School in Cambridge who were asked to explore how they can stay active in the modern world.

As part of a joint research study by artists and scientists, the children were asked a series of questions on what being active means by Dr Helen Brown, Career Development Fellow at the Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR). They developed their thoughts in three creative workshops run by artist Sally Todd from Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI).

“Run a marathon”, “run round a laboratory inventing things”, “power a peddle-driven helicopter”, “run to London and back”… These are some of the answers from pupils at St Philips C of E Primary School in Cambridge when asked the question: “In twenty years time a good way to keep more active would be…”

The 30 schoolchildren, many of whom were born in the hospital, will see their work displayed for the first time in the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre (ATC) on Wednesday 18 March.

Addenbrooke’s Arts has worked in partnership on this project with the Cambridge Institute of Public Health, CEDAR and CCI as part of the Cambridge Science Festival, which runs up until Sunday 22 March. 

This research project comes at an important time as recent statistics show that only 32 per cent of boys and 24 per cent of girls are getting the recommended one hour of daily physical activity.

Dr Helen Brown, Career Development Fellow at CEDAR, commented: “This project has been a fantastic example of how art and science can interact to help children explore active futures. Part of our remit at CEDAR is to develop programmes to ensure young people live healthy and happy lives, and so learning from the children themselves has been extraordinary. Their innovative ideas for active building and active policies has been inspiring – and it was great fun to see them being so creative.”

Daniel Watkins, Year 4 teacher at St Philips Primary School, added: “I was impressed with the enthusiasm and seriousness with which they undertook the project. They developed a greater awareness of what being healthy means and how they can be agents of change for the future. Lots of pupils demonstrated confidence in their own ideas and were brave enough to take on the challenges posed by the artist and scientist involved. I know they are proud of what they achieved by working together.”

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Dr Helen Brown was the lead scientist on this project. Helen is undertaking a Career Development Fellowship at CEDAR and the MRC Epidemiology Unit under the supervision of Dr Esther van Sluijs. She is investigating effective family-based intervention strategies for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour in children. See more at: http://www.cedar.iph.cam.ac.uk/people/cdfs/helen-brown/f

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About St Philips C of E Primary School

St Philips is a vibrant city primary school in Romsey, Cambridge. The project involved working with a class of Year 4 students at the school and their teacher Daniel Watkins.

About Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI)

CCI is a creative organisation that works with artists to play with ideas and make them grow. Exploring intriguing spaces and challenging questions alongside people of all ages, we are interested in how we can enable everyone to discover their own powers of imagination and curiosity and how we can share these as widely as possible. http://www.cambridgecandi.org.uk/


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