Sable&Hawkes delivers Road Transport Safety Guide for national infrastructure company


Part of the the Colas Group, Colas Rail is one of the world’s leading suppliers of rail infrastructure services, from high speed rail systems to light and urban rail. Safety First: is a new Road Transport Safety Guide produced, written and designed by Cambridge design communication company Sable&Hawkes.


Kash Ansari, Head of Marketing Communications at Colas Rail says: "Safety is at the forefront of everything we do as a company and as such, a project such as this will always be seen as a high profile. As for the result, we were delighted with the approach that Sable&Hawkes took to both the structuring, editorial and design of the manual. They were methodical, accurate and creative in equal measure and as always, a very friendly and professional company to work with."

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The company has an excellent safety record and to maintain this position has been actively participating in a safety behavioural programme with staff and sub-contractors since 2008, which has made a significant contribution to the group’s safety performance. This project was a safety guide for Colas Rail employees who had to drive between the numerous sites the company work from.

Sable&Hawkes was commissioned to co-write and copy edit the content and then design the guide to make it as accessible and as useful, practical as possible and to communicate alongside the more technical safety procedures, the fact that safety is integral to everything that the company does.

The team used a simple, illustrative style which made clear reference to road safety signs and the language of signs; bold headings introduce the content and help draw the reader in and a paired-back colour palette (black and yellow) again, was chosen for its relevance and familiarity with safety and the vernacular of safety communications. A third colour (red) was used to highlight key facts/figures or important tips.

Editorially, bite-size 'How to' information, simple step-by-step guides and helpful hints and tips listings keep the information accessible and to prevent it from becoming too heavy to read. This overall ‘no nonsense’ approach to the design means the information is clearly delivered without visual clutter or distraction in order to make it as engaging and as easily digestible as possible.

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