Cosmic! Cambridge Science Centre's new exhibition is out of this world


Opening on Thursday 23 July, Cambridge Science Centre's new COSMIC exhibition invites visitors to step out of this world into a space adventure, exploring our solar system, stars, and the extraordinary machines we travel in and send out to discover new frontiers. Its hands-on and interactive exhibits put you firmly at the controls.


Crammed full of interactive fun and exciting shows, COSMIC brings a thrilling Space experience to all ages. Highlights will include the opportunity to get up close to a real rocket engine; find out how planets orbit around massive celestial bodies and discover how we explore the stars.

Exhibits include

  • Gravity Funnel - Test out orbits and the effects of gravity
  • See how infrared cameras can change our view of the universe
  • Reveal stellar secrets with our our hands-on spectroscope
  • Working in a spacesuit is tricky! Find out how hard it is to work in a vacuum with a special pair of astronaut gloves
  • Build and test your own Mars Lander
  • Simulate cosmic collisions with our 'smashing' new interactive table
  • Explore the phases of the moon
  • Can a bell ring in outer space? Uncover what happens to sound in a vacuum
  • Build your own telescope.

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