Partnership promises strength and security


KT Financial Services Ltd, a Norwich-based independent financial adviser, has announced that NW Brown Group Limited, a Cambridge-based financial services company, will shortly acquire a majority shareholding in the company.

The business will continue to be headquartered in Norwich and operate from its offices in Unthank Road. The board will be strengthened by the appointment of new directors, including Brian Carter, previously head of Financial Planning, and Robert Raywood, the CIO of NW Brown & Company, a subsidiary of the Group.

NW Brown will enhance the local offering of KTFS, one of Norwich’s premier independent financial services companies. The current team in Norwich, headed by Andy Mulligan, Debbie Evans, Mark Ring and Neil Davies welcome their new colleagues and look forward to further developing their business base across Norfolk and within Norwich.

The new partnership enables the Norwich firm to continue to develop its competitive edge in a field where markets are pushing companies to evolve or die.

The company offers investment management and advice to individuals, trusts and charities and also a wide range of pension and benefit advice to employers and employees. This partnership offers KTFS clients more secure, client-focussed and competitive advice allowing people from across the area real choice when it comes to Independent Financial Advice in an industry that, in recent years, has had more than its fair share of ups and downs.

Andy Mulligan, who has been based in Norwich for over 20 years, said ‘My team looks forward to being a part of the wider NW Brown Group. We have a secure local base and strongly believe there are many clients who prefer to deal with decision makers they can see and meet rather than sales offices of national firms. Norwich is very fortunate to have several independent financial services firms and we intend to be one of the strongest and best.’

Brian Carter, who will be based in Norwich said ‘Norwich is an important and growing market for all financial services and our much strengthened activities here will allow all our clients improved depth and breadth of coverage.’

Since 1974, NW Brown Group Limited has provided bespoke financial services covering Investment Management, Financial Planning, Corporate Benefits, Insurance and Mortgage Broking. The Board are pleased to be expanding their base as an East Anglian business with companies in Cambridge and Norwich.



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