Sentec’s novel electromagnetic actuators offer clients competitive advantages


Sentec, the smart metering technology specialist and product development company, has formed a new team to develop bespoke electromagnetic actuation solutions for clients. The group has been set up in response to the market demand for this technology, and Sentec’s successful track record in this field.

Sentec, which offers bespoke engineering solutions for a wide range of products, has established the group to exploit the extensive capabilities held within the company.

The group, coordinated by James Evett, develops bespoke actuators for clients that provide outstanding functionality and cost advantages. This is enabled by the innovative solutions developed within Sentec, and the application of modern magnetic materials and controls systems. Sentec provides products and services over a broad range of sectors including: smart grid, automotive, industrial, and consumer goods.

Sentec has recently developed a cost effective, high performance patented actuator being manufactured in serial production by one of its clients. A further electromagnetic actuator, which has similar performance capabilities to a piezoelectric actuator, is in development and being patented.

“Competitive advantages are realisable over short development cycles,” says James Evett. “Now many companies are looking to revisit their existing solutions. The magnetic actuator group at Sentec provides an excellent service to those looking to improve their products by replacing their existing actuators or including new features delivered by actuation.”

“The group really comes into its own in the current competitive climate,” adds Mark England, Sentec CEO. “We have noticed a huge increase in bespoke actuator design with many companies finding it is cheaper to develop a bespoke actuator rather than to try to employ a standard off-the-shelf actuator from a big manufacturer which is not optimised for their application. This is a huge area of expertise for the magnetic actuator group and an area in which Sentec can add real value to clients’ products.”

The team includes: two physicists, Dr David Healy and Dr Andrew Dames (a founder of Sentec) and two mechanical engineers, Kien Lamson and James Evett. In addition, Berenice Mann and Clifford Dive take responsibility for business development and marketing issues.


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