PraxisUnico welcomes coalition Government investment in innovation funding


Today (20 December 2010), the Government has announced that the Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF) will be maintained at current levels of £150 million per year from 2011 to 2015 and is committed to providing incentives to enhance the economic and social impact of research.

The Government emphasises the value of the UK’s universities and colleges and reaffirms its commitment to the independence and autonomy of institutions.

Dr Phil Clare, PraxisUnico Chairman commented, “I am delighted that, with this announcement, the Government is recognising the enormous value that universities across the UK have produced with HEIF money. We have been innovative in innovation, and in finding new and better ways to direct the flow of ideas, inventions, knowledge, graduates and trained researchers from our great university system to create socio-economic benefit.The PraxisUnico annual Impact Awards recognise publicly the best innovations and people, and we will shortly be inviting nominations for our 2011 awards.”

Dr David Secher, Past Chairman of PraxisUnico added, “By maintaining HEIF funding, the Coalition Government is recognising the value of a 20-year programme that began with the 1993 White Paper, “Realising our Potential”. As a result of sustained Government investment, UK Knowledge Transfer is now the envy of the world.”

In the UK and internationally, PraxisUnico members are at the forefront of change in the world of knowledge transfer. A successful course on ‘Fundamentals of Technology Transfer for Incubator Managers’ was held in India earlier this month and similar courses have been held in South Africa, Australia, Ireland and Sweden.


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Additional information
About the Higher Education Innovation Fund
The Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) is designed to support and develop a broad range of knowledge exchange activities which result in economic and social benefit to the UK. In 2007 the Government announced the fourth round of HEIF, from 2008-09, with funding rising to a final year allocation of £150 million for 2010-11.

About PraxisUnico
1. PraxisUnico is a not-for-profit educational organisation set up to support innovation and commercialisation of public sector and charity research for social and economic impact.

PraxisUnico encourages innovation and acts as a voice for the research commercialisation profession, facilitating the interaction between the public sector research base, business and
government. PraxisUnico provides a forum for best practice exchange, underpinned by first-class training and development programmes.

2. PraxisUnico is the UK’s leading research commercialisation association.

3. Over 2500 commercialisation professionals are PraxisUnico members – representing more than 114 universities and public sector research establishments; and 50 firms of lawyers, patent
agents, venture capitalists and other professionals.

4. More than 97% of UK university research funding is spent in PraxisUnico member institutions.

About The Impact Awards

The Impact Awards (organised by PraxisUnico), is an award scheme designed to recognise and celebrate the success of knowledge transfer. The Impact Awards are open to all sectors of research that have made an outstanding impact through successful knowledge transfer.



PraxisAuril is the UK’s leading association of research commercialisation professionals, representing more than 100 UK universities and public sector research establishments.