Scytronix develops compact trace chemical detection system


Scytronix wins grant for development of compact, portable,cost effective quantum cascade laser based trace chemical detection system.

Scytronix  is undertaking the development of a compact trace chemical detection systems based on quantum casade lasers for applications of emissions monitoring, environmental sensing, biomedical, and homeland security applications.The concept is based on a unique cost effective design.

Quantum casade lasers (QCLs) are a commercial reality having transfered from the lab to the market place. These small (mm), robust (all solid) state laser chips are unique in that they emit radiation in the mid-far infrared making them ideal sources for ultra sensitive (ppb), real time spectroscopy systems. Their small size readily allows them to be integrated in to portable equipment that can be deployed in the field.

Scytronix has detailed knowledge of QCLs that it is exploiting for commercial advantage. Scytronix has identified and design a extremely cost effective means of exploiting QCLs that will provide a competative advantage in the market place.

This work is supported by a joint EDDA and ERDF grant for research and development.


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