TTP LabTech celebrates 10 years of comPOUND


TTP LabTech celebrates 10 years of comPOUND, the world’s first automated and modular microtube store, for the secure, high density, storage of chemical and biological compound libraries.

This article describes its ease of integration and the development of additional products over these past ten years, to enhance the automation of sample storage and retrevial.

comPOUND from TTP Labtech was the world’s first automated and modular microtube store for the secure, high density, storage of chemical and biological compound libraries.

Over the past 10 years, comPOUND has been successfully employed by number of leading pharmaceutical and academic institutions including Wyeth (now Pfizer), Millenium, Amgen, iNovacia and the MRC with one pharmaceutical company, having purchased 10 modules over the last 10 years.

The self contained comPOUND modules can provide storage for up to 100,000 1.4ml or 200,000 0.5ml microtubes and additional modules can be linked together to provide an almost unlimited library capacity. Sample integrity is maintained by storage of individual microtubes under nitrogen in a hermetically sealed chamber. Depending on the users requirements storage temperatures can be set from ambient down to -20oC. Its unique design, incorporating TTP LabTech’s pneumatic technology and software makes it possible to cherry pick individual tubes for analysis minimising the disturbance of surrounding samples.

TTP LabTech’s policy to continually improve and expand their product range to meet customer’s requirements has led to the introduction of a number of major additions and enhancements over the past 10 years, including the comPILER which provides full automation of the entire tube to plate processing process. The comPILER, which was initially developed for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, transports microtubes using TTP LabTech’s unique pneumatic technology, thaws, centrifuges and decaps the tubes. The tubes are then purged with Argon, presented to a third party liquid handling robot (of the customer’s choice). When sample processing is completed, comPILER re-gasses, re-caps and returns the microtubes to store.

Other additions include the comPANION 121 and 124 which provide remote delivery and connection of comPOUND modules and also rack handling systems which allow unattended transfer of microtubes between comPOUND and racks (comSTACKER or comMOTION).

In 2008, Dr David Camp, whilst setting up the Queensland Compound Library (QCL) purchased two comPOUND modules, with a comPANION 124 remote delivery system. As a result of the successful establishment of Australia’s only national compound storage facility, a third module was purchased a year later followed by a fourth in 2010. Whilst integrating the third comPOUND store he commented that “Additional comPOUND stores have been added seamlessly, we were unsure how easy the process would be, however, it was extremely gratifying to see the successful integration of this third unit”.

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