Voyage Manager to provide travel management to Fugro Geoteam


Voyage Manager Ltd, has entered an agreement with oil services company Fugro Geoteam AS., to supply Fugro Geoteam AS with Voyage Manager Ltd.’s travel management, monitoring and tracking solution.

Voyage Manager Ltd. and Fugro Geoteam AS today announced a six month pilot whereby Voyage Manager will supply Fugro Geoteam AS with their travel management, travel security and travel monitoring service. The deal gives Fugro Geoteam AS access to the most advanced and automated travel management solution available on the market.

"This deal will give Fugro Geoteam AS a fantastic tool for managing and monitoring their employee travel. Voyage Manager will allow Fugro Geoteam AS to accurately know where their staff are, and provide immediate alerts when problems occur. We hope Fugro Geoteam AS will benefit greatly from the advantages Voyage Manager will give them," says John Scott, CEO of Voyage Manager Ltd.

"We expect Voyage Manager to provide us with improved follow-up of our employees while travelling on behalf of the company, and allow us to expand even further on our duty-of-care and HSE responsibilities" says Øyvind Hennum of Fugro Geoteam AS.

For more information, please contact:
John Scott
+44 (0)7768 201 455

About Voyage Manager Ltd.
Voyage Manager Ltd. is a Cambridge, UK based travel technology company specializing in advanced travel management, monitoring and tracking solutions.

The Voyage Manager solution is a web based service that provides businesses with a flexible, easy to use and cost efficient platform for managing and monitoring employee travel. Voyage Manager is an automated service that is accessible from any location by web, SMS and mobile phone.

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About Fugro Geoteam AS
Fugro Geoteam AS is a fully owned subsidiary of Fugro N.V.

Fugro N.V. is the world's largest integrated geotechnical, survey and geosciences company.  They provide services to clients around the world, in the fields of oil & gas, mining and construction.

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