Strem Chemicals UK adds a new line in Garphos(TM) tertiary bis-phosphineligands and cataly...


Garphos ligands and catalysts, developed by KCT, provide an exceptional combination of high activity and selectivity for a range of phosphine-supported, metal-mediated transformations like asymmetric hydrogenation.

“This new line adds to KCT’s strong portfolio of patent-protected products” said Dr. Dino Amoroso, Manager, Business Development at KCT. “It will further extend the range of transformations that can be performed on our customers’ proprietary substrates in a highly efficient and selective manner”.

“Our customers are always looking for new ligands and catalysts technologies to evaluate in their applications so we are pleased to be able to offer this latest innovation from Kanata” said Dr. Ephraim S. Honig, COO at Strem.

Garphos ligands are already available from Strem and catalysts will follow shortly.

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