Ubisense technology successfully deployed at major international tradeshow


Real-time location system (RTLS) technology from Ubisense recently helped major exhibitors successfully facilitate customer contact management at INTERZUM – the leading international tradeshow for the furniture and interior design industries, hosted in Cologne.

Wanting to ensure that customers could easily find the right contact person at its booth, Häfele GmbH & Co KG – a German supplier of furniture fittings and ironmongery – was one of the companies that used the precise RTLS system.

Establishing a dialogue between visitors and company representatives is crucial to the success of tradeshow exhibitions. However, for a large and busy trade booth, logistical problems can get in the way of successful communication with customers. Worst case scenario, potential customers may leave if the correct contact cannot be found quickly.

Exhibitors like Häfele were determined to avoid this problem at the 2011 INTERZUM tradeshow. Using a precise indoor location system from Ubisense, the company ensured that communication between visitors and company representatives was timely and smooth.

INTERZUM is an extremely important forum for Häfele. At this year’s show, there were some 250 Häfele employees for existing and potential customers to meet. Using Ubisense technology, whenever a visitor approached the booth’s information desk, reception staff could instantly locate the whereabouts of the required contact person within the area of the 1100m2 booth. A “runner” would then quickly find and inform the relevant colleague ensuring contact between customer and company representative was established swiftly.

To utilize this smart service, Häfele needed just three components: small, battery-powered transmitters known as tags; sensors; and a special software system. Before the tradeshow started, all employees were equipped with tags containing all the relevant carrier information. Once activated, these tags generated location signals which were picked up and analysed by sensors covering the exhibition booth, ensuring that any employee could be located to within 30 cm.

Using Ubisense software, location data was recorded, processed and visualised in real time and transmitted to the down-stream person information system – an application developed specifically for this purpose by Frankfurt-based SKILLsoftware GmbH, a specialist in customer relationship management (CRM) and object management software.

The SKILL person tracking system managed staff based on their product knowledge, technical expertise or language skills, as well as their location at the tradeshow. Ubisense components were integrated seamlessly into the software, so when searching for employees by specific criteria, their location was instantly indicated on a booth map. To facilitate the search for ‘floater’ employees, a contact card showing a picture of the relevant employee and their current location could be printed. The software was also used to manage messages for employees and to log their absence from the booth.

Terry Phebey, vice president of marketing & sales at Ubisense, a company that boasts customers such as BMW, Airbus and Caterpillar, said, “Our RTLS solutions have become well established in automotive, aerospace and transportation markets worldwide. We are happy to see that the technology is now also gaining ground in person tracking systems. The deployment at INTERZUM illustrates that being able to locate a person quickly and efficiently can add enormous value.”

About Ubisense
Ubisense, the market leader of location solutions, delivers mission-critical enterprise asset tracking and geospatial systems. The company’s location technology provides more than 500 customers worldwide with unprecedented visibility of, and control over, previously intractable business processes. Ubisense is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with offices in the USA; Canada; France; Germany; Singapore; and Korea. For more information visit: www.ubisense.net.

About SKILLsoftware GmbH
SKILLsoftware provides solutions for customer acquisition and customer care tasks, CRM with construction objects, construction documentation and mobility with smart phones and pads or tablet PCs.



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