Cambridge Enterprise announces 2011 results


Income generated from the University of Cambridge’s commercialisation activities continued to rise in 2011, as did the number of intellectual property, consultancy and equity agreements signed on behalf of the University and its researchers.

Cambridge Enterprise, the University’s commercialisation group, has recently announced its year-end results. Income from licensing, consultancy and equity transactions exceeded £10.2 million, with £8.3 million of that amount returned to the University, departments and researchers.
Cambridge Enterprise currently provides support to more than 1,000 University researchers at all stages of the commercialisation process, from supporting grant proposals, to licensing technology to existing companies, through to funding new companies and ventures.
‘Universities such as Cambridge have an important role to play in supporting an innovation-led economic recovery, through collaborative research, technology licensing, consultancy projects and new company formation,’ said Dr Tony Raven, Chief Executive of Cambridge Enterprise. ‘The growth enjoyed by Cambridge Enterprise this year demonstrates the value that industry attaches to Cambridge research, and the contribution the University is making to our national economic recovery.’

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Image: Hauser Forum    Credit: Cambridge Enterprise

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Cambridge Enterprise exists to help University of Cambridge inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs make their ideas and concepts more commercially successful for the benefit of society, the UK economy, the inventors and the University.

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