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We all learn in different ways, which means that many people don't get the most out of traditional workshops and classes.

Some will find it hard to keep to everyone else's pace and follow the structure whilst others will want to experiment on their own and not have to worry about slower learners catching up. However, Hands Off Training, pioneered in the States, ensures that everyone learns at their own speed, getting exactly what they need from the day and leave knowing how to apply that learning.

Software trainer Karen Roem of Karen Roem Software Training & Support has now brought this highly successful method of training to the UK and uses it as the foundation for her Hands Off seminars in Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Outlook, Word and others. Additionally, the Hands Off approach means that students' concentration, confidence and enjoyment are dramatically increased making it much more of a fulfilling experience.

Traditional training can be very linear, with instructors ordering you to 'click here'. You learn via repetition, being shown examples to apply what you learn, but not how to apply it to you and your individual circumstances.

Hands off Training is very different. Using the concept that we can only digest 20 minutes of new material at a time the intense sessions are short and focused with time in between for quizzes, games and exploration to absorb and understand what you are learning.

In the past, renowned Professor and Psychologist Howard Gardner identified eight different ways of learning - linguistic (writing, reading, stories, puzzles), logical-mathematical (patterns, categories, strategies and relationships), bodily-kinesthetic (dancing, crafts, sewing and woodwork), spatial (images and puzzles), musical, interpersonal (communicating with their peers), intrapersonal (self motivated), and naturalist (sensitivity to living things). Karen has deliberately created a training environment that covers as many of these as possible.

This approach to learning particularly helps those who may be nervous or even sent there unwillingly by their employer!

Karen's speciality is helping people really get to grips with software, showing them how it can make their job easier and their work look more polished. Seminars are deliberately jargon free and include a CD with exercises for you to practice what you learn, as well as one month post course advice personally from Karen.

Karen was trained to use the highly effective hands off teaching method in Kansas in 2001 where it has had excellent results. She now runs her hands-off seminars alongside traditional class-room training and guidance in how to get the most out of Microsoft Office products. Clients include University of Cambridge, Cambridge Academy of English, Christian Action Housing Association, National Westminster Bank Plc, Royal Veterinary College, and University of London.

Karen is also in high demand as a Livelink training specialist, assisting organisations with documentation, training development and conducting hands-on training classes, and has worked with Shell International and Lloyds Register.

Dates for up and coming hands off Seminars

Excel with Excel.

Cambridge - 15 September

London - 29 October

Birmingham - 6 December

A jargon-free look at how to untangle the mysteries of Excel and make it really work for you and your organisation.

Also coming up are:

Manage your mailshots. Whether it's the Christmas card mailout or a vital direct mail exercise, knowing how managing your Microsoft Word Mail Merge will save you precious time, money and energy.

Ditch Your Filofax. How to finally get to grips with effectively using Microsoft Outlook to create and manage both personal and business databases.


For further information:

If you would like to talk to Karen about the new Hands Off method, or would like to attend a seminar to see the method for yourself please speak to Karen on 01223 214177 or email her at Karen@roem.co.uk, or check out the website at http://www.roem.co.uk/events.html.


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