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PA Consulting Group - the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy - will give insights into innovative wireless architectures and applications at this year's 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, 14-17 February, 2005 on Stand G49, Hall 2.

Demonstration: Innovative Software Defined Radio technology (SDR) for a wide range of applications

PA will demonstrate the latest in its software-defined radio solutions.

PA, the world leader in Software Defined Radio (SDR) for 3G base station applications, has already demonstrated how flexible, high-performance DSPs, in conjunction with PA's innovative algorithms and control software, can perform 3G base band processing at an attractive price/performance point and with the flexibility needed for modern infrastructure solutions. With PA's approach it is possible to upgrade the entire base band functionality by means of a software reload and we have also shown it is possible for a common hardware platform to be re-used between multiple 3G and 3.5G modes and even to produce multi-mode solutions.

PA's software radio solution is suitable for all types of 3G infrastructure solutions, including the compact pico and micro cell equipment that will become so essential in future to get good indoor coverage for 3G.

At Cannes, PA will demonstrate an SDR system supporting five different 3G standards and will be pleased to discuss price, performance and flexibility benefits for products based on this core technology.

Demonstration: Location-based solutions for transportation and telematics

PA's demonstration will focus on the use of the technologies, their performance in a real-world environment and highlight techniques to improve performance in urban environments.

Accurately locating people and vehicles is key to improving operational efficiency of major public and private businesses: field forces and transportation fleets need to be precisely scheduled and navigated, public transport schemes need to be monitored and passengers informed. Network operators and governments both have a keen eye on these technologies: extending from public transport into private cars to permit road pricing or pay-as-you-drive initiatives.

Satellite navigation systems like GPS - and in future Galileo - offer low cost, high accuracy location in rural and suburban areas. In cities, however, accuracy is degraded by tall buildings. PA has worked extensively with urban transport systems, using advanced data fusion techniques like map matching, to improve vehicle location accuracy. PA will demonstrate how this can be applied to public transport systems in major cities.

Paper: Harnessing (SDR) Technology for 3GSM Spectrum Allocations

As part of the Technology Symposium on Monday 14 February 2005, Alan Carr, a member of PA's Management Group, will be presenting a paper entitled: 'Harnessing Software Defined Radio Technology for 3GSM Spectrum Allocations' between 14.40 - 15.05.

PA at 3GSM World Congress 2005 - Stand G49, Hall 2.

Through its wireless technology expertise PA Consulting Group is the leading supplier of end-to-end solutions for the wireless industry. PA's technology-led consultancy solutions for 3G operators range from strategy development and business planning through to services creation, network design and rollout management. PA supports vendors directly through the provision of contract design of infrastructure and handset products, marketing and bidding support and infrastructure element design.

About PA

PA Consulting Group is a leading management, systems and technology consulting firm. Operating worldwide in more than 35 countries, PA draws on the knowledge and experience of 3,000 people, whose skills span the initial generation of ideas, insights and solutions all the way through to detailed implementation.

PA focuses on creating benefits for clients rather than merely proposing them. Our work is founded on powerful insights into our clients' issues, and in the private sector in particular, on the need to deliver superior shareholder returns. We help accelerate business growth by developing innovative products for our clients and by the application of emerging technology. We deliver major transformation programmes, mobilize human resources, and manage complex IT and technically challenging programmes.

PA's results-focused approach is founded on a unique commitment to excellence, value and independence:

Excellence. We are committed to unremitting excellence and quality in every aspect of our work: in our relationships with our clients, in the client assignments we deliver, and in the people we recruit and develop, who enjoy exciting and rewarding careers at PA.

Value. PA's consultants bring an intense focus on delivering value through deep industry insight, the development and application of technology, and our culture of respect, collaboration and flexibility in working with clients.

Independence. PA is independent of outsourcing, software, hardware and audit providers. We are the pre-eminent client-side advisor on IT and outsourcing projects, and deliver, in partnership with our clients, business solutions tailored to our clients' needs, rather than solutions pre-determined by commercial alliances. As an employee-owned company, we are answerable to our clients and to ourselves only.


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