AT&T Labs goes to Silicon Fen to make first investment outside the US

CAMBRIDGE, UK - AT&T today opened a communications research facility in Cambridge following its acquisition of the in an investment worth more than 30m over six years.

The newly-named AT&T Laboratories - Cambridge will focus on research into networking, multimedia and mobile communications systems, working closely with AT&T Labs research centres in the United States.

The labs were founded in 1986 by Professor Andy Hopper, now Managing Director of AT&T Laboratories - Cambridge, who will continue to direct the work of its 50 full-time research staff. Collaborating closely with the University of Cambridge, the labs have built a reputation as a leading international centre for communications research. More jobs will be created as research projects continue to expand.

As part of the investment, AT&T Laboratories - Cambridge will continue to fulfil its commitment of 1.2m to help set up the new Laboratory of Communications Engineering (LCE) at the University's Engineering Department as well as provide on-going support and funding.

'I believe that the LCE will rapidly become an international centre of excellence for communications engineering on a par with other leading academic institutions in the US and Europe,' says Professor David Newland, Head of the Engineering Department and a Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University. 'This funding and association with AT&T Laboratories Cambridge and AT&T Labs in the US, will be a major benefit to the LCE and present many opportunities for our students.'

Britain's leading business people consider AT&T to be one of the world's most innovative companies, according to a recent MORI survey of senior executives from the UK's top 500 companies. AT&T's reputation for innovation is based on the work of its research arm, AT&T Labs, whose 2,000 scientists and engineers are developing the world's most advanced Internet-based global communications network to bring broadband and wireless services to customers in the home, on the road and in the office. It is also building new systems that understand and respond to spoken language.

'Today's announcement marks an exciting new era for the laboratory,' says Professor Hopper. 'We have always been a communications lab and there is a tremendous synergy and meeting of minds between research in Cambridge and AT&T Labs in the US. Over the past five years we have been responsible for over 100 million of inward investment into research at the Lab, the University as well as three successful spin-out companies and with AT&T's backing we expect this figure to accelerate.'

David Nagel, President of AT&T Labs and Chief Technology Officer of AT&T, adds: 'I am delighted that Andy Hopper and his team in Cambridge have joined AT&T. We have been working hard to move technology out of AT&T Labs and into the marketplace. The Cambridge team have a great track record in doing this. Their expertise will help us to create the next generation of personal communications technologies and services to benefit businesses and consumers worldwide. It's a positive move for AT&T and demonstrates our commitment to the future of communications research in Silicon Fen.'

With the arrival of 50 leading Cambridge technology researchers, AT&T now has access to some of the best and brightest brains in the world. This marks a period of expansion for AT&T Labs, which recently established the AT&T Center for Internet Research in Silicon Valley, with links to the International Computer Science Institute and the University of California at Berkeley. Today's announcement supplements AT&T Labs' existing research facilities at five locations in New Jersey and California.

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