CETC seminar raises money for Addenbrooke's


Cambridge Enterprise and Technology Club (CETC) concluded its 2004/05 programme with a seminar in the form of a visit to Addenbrooke's Hospital.

The evening was entitled 'Medical Research At Addenbrooke's', but attendees were treated to much more than this in an event put on in collaboration with the Fund & Friends Of Addenbrooke's, for whom the seminar raised 150.

The seminar was chaired by CETC Honorary Secretary Guy Mulley, who is also a committee member of the Friends of Addenbrooke's.

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<br/>(from left to right) Guy Mulley, Dr Matthew Gaved, Malcolm Stamp OBE, Professor Carlos Caldas First on was Malcolm Stamp OBE, who is Chief Executive of Addenbrooke's. He set out the Hospital's far-reaching and ambitious plans contained in its '2020 Vision'. In short, Addenbrooke's is creating an enormous medical campus, which will provide both NHS excellence and considerable commercial stimulation for Cambridge. Malcolm described, both in words and pictures, the challenges ahead for these exciting plans.

The second speaker was Dr Matthew Gaved, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Tissuomics Ltd. Matthew explained in considerable detail the new technology for cancer screening and diagnosis that Tissuomics has developed. A key part of the technology is its speed, which will allow surgeons to make decisions in the operating theatre.

Matthew stressed the importance of partnerships with hospitals such as Addenbrooke's. Tissuomics is an example of how early-stage technology companies in Cambridge can benefit from working with Addenbrooke's.

The final speaker was Professor Carlos Caldas, who is a distinguished figure in the world of cancer research. He is Honorary Consultant in Oncology at Addenbrooke's and is Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University of Cambridge.

Carlos described both the physical developments on the Addenbrooke's site that will considerably enlarge the cancer research and cancer treatment facilities and some of the scientific developments in understanding the genetic causes of cancer. Without raising false hopes, Carlos' enthusiasm for his work and his admiration for his colleagues encouraged the audience to look positively at this difficult subject.

Pictured (from left to right) are Guy Mulley, Dr Matthew Gaved, Malcolm Stamp OBE, Professor Carlos Caldas

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