PA Consulting Group sees promise in evolving wireless systems


Tim Lunn from PA Consulting Group - the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy - will outline the reasons why the evolution of the UMTS wireless standard is following three important paths (MIMO, OFDM and IP networking) in a paper to be given at 16.

40pm on Wednesday 7 December 2005 at IIR's HSDPA Implementation Strategies Conference in Amsterdam.

The paper will examine the ways in which MIMO and OFDM can offer efficient use of greater spectrum allocations and deliver higher data rates to mobile users. It also looks at the dramatic operating cost savings that can be achieved through the use of collapsed network architectures.

It will be of particular interest to mobile operators and infrastructure vendors who need to understand the features and benefits of these future upgrades to the current wireless standards.

Dr. Tim Lunn is a Managing Consultant in PA Consulting Group's Wireless Technology Practice, where he leads the signal processing team working on the development of basestations for 3G mobile systems.

Through its wireless technology expertise PA Consulting Group is the leading supplier of end -to -end solutions for the wireless industry. PA's technology-led consultancy solutions for 3G operators range from strategy development and business planning through to services creation, network design and roll-out management. PA supports vendors directly through the provision of contact design of infrastructure and handset products, marketing and bidding support and infrastructure element design.

IIR's HSDPA Implementation Strategies, Hilton Amsterdam 5-8 December 2005

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