Sentec launches new company


Technology consultancy Sentec in Hills Road, Cambridge, has launched a new company, Visiserve.

The idea is to develop security equipment capable of pinpointing the cause of an alarm and allowing users the scope to decide how to respond.

Sentec, which specialises in creating spin-out companies from the technology it develops, says the Visiserve package will be simple to install and set up and can be paid for by monthly subscription.

It will allow home owners to be alerted to a fire when they are away from home, or, in the office, managers will be alerted, remotely, if there is a break-in going on.

Andrew Howe, Sentec's chief executive, said: 'This system builds on well established technology to offer affordable peace of mind to small businesses and consumers.

'Existing security systems can be complicated and expensive. This one is simple, flexible and affordable.'

The new company will be incubated within Sentec's offices, where a demonstration system will be developed.

Mr Howe says first-round funding will be sought at the beginning of next year. Sentec is currently looking for a suitable chief executive to run the new company.


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